Henry Knotts


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  • قد: 5' 9" (1.75 m)


Henry Knotts, co-starring as “King” in the festival favorite film, Bomb City, and featured in Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women for Annapurna Productions, is a dedicated actor to his craft. Managed by More Zap Productions & Management, and represented by Carrie Park, Park Artists Group for Theatrical, Henry is fast being recognized for his intensity, classic looks, and talent for taking on character roles with a young leading man soul. Now flexing his theatrical muscles, Henry is adept at accents, and likes to become the characters he plays both emotionally and physically. Excels at extreme outdoor sports. Credits include the show “Idiot Sitter” on Comedy Central, with Jillian Bell, featured for his rapping skills. Henry Knotts studied with Warner Loughlin. In his spare time, he works out, writes music, and is an avid Stealers fan. By: More Zap Productions & Management

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    Action, Crime, Drama,Western

    7.5 /10

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Trailer: Bomb City