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Jesse Lee Soffer (born April 23, 1984) began his film career in 1993 at age eight in the movie Matinee (1993). From that point on, his work included time on such television series as Two of a Kind (1998), Guiding Light (1952), CSI: Miami (2002), The Mentalist (2008) and The Mob Doctor (2012). In 2013, Jesse went on to portray Travis Alexander in the television drama Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret (2013). The movie premiered on June 22, 2013 and received surprising acclaim from critics in its adaptation of the relationship between Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias and the murder trial that followed. Jesse’s additional work on screen includes the sports drama Gracie (2007), Hatfields & McCoys (2013), and In Time (2011). He was also a cast regular on the series As the World Turns (1956), a series he is possibly best known from during his 7-year tenure on the series from 2004-2010.

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