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A native of Los Angeles, California, Shyloh Oostwald was raised by her mother Lisa, who is a talent scout. Shyloh began her acting career at the age of six when she was discovered by her talent manager Annet McCroskey in acting class. She first appeared on screen in several independent films including ‘Falling Snow’, ‘At What Price’, ‘Children of the Air’ and ‘Elena Undone.’ On the small screen, Shyloh appeared on NBC’s ‘The Event’ and the ‘Jay Leno Show’, ABC’s ‘Happy Endings’, CBS’s ‘Criminal Minds’, FOX’s ‘House M.D., ‘Arrested Development’, FX’s ‘American Horror Story’ Nickelodeons ‘iCarly’ and ‘100 things to do before High School.’ Shyloh was part of the ensemble cast in the Geek & Sundry sci-fi horror series ‘Spooked’ and was cast as Maya alongside Justin Timblerlake in the film ‘In Time.’ Shyloh has appeared as the voice for many characters in films such as ‘Escape from Paradise 2’, ‘Enchanted House’, ‘Son of Bigfoot’ and Cartoon Networks ‘Adventure Time.’ She has also modeled and is on the cover of the album ‘We Are the fallen/ Tear down the World.’ Shyloh also enjoys stage acting and performed alongside Jerry O’Connell in ‘Walk to the Vet.’ In addition to acting, Shyloh plays the piano, ice skates and takes ballet.

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